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The Pacific Basin region is facing unprecedented threats to human health and the environment from an array of human activities, including manufacturing, energy production, fossil fuel consumption, unsustainable resource use and agriculture.  These activities are associated with the growing problems of hazardous wastes, air and water pollution, occupational exposures, and climate change, among many others, and have far reaching effects on human health and the ecosystems upon which all life depends.

The Pacific Basin Consortium for Environment and Health (PBC) provides a forum for individuals and organizations with diverse professional expertise and geographic backgrounds to come together and discuss the most pressing environment and health issues of our time, engage in cooperative research, and develop and disseminate innovative strategies for addressing these issues and creating sustainable, affordable alternatives.

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St. Lawrence Island Food Crisis – the need is urgent.

The St Lawrence communities of Gambell and Savooga, Alaska are facing a crisis of severe food shortages and hunger for this long winter ahead. The Alaska Community Action on Toxics is raising money to purchase and distribute food to the St Lawrence Island families.

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SDPI 20th Anniversary Publication

Environment, Trade and Governance for Sustainable Development

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Updates and analysis on environmental law issues, rulings and developments from jurisdictions across the globe.

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